Black Ocean and VIDA's The Count Ah Ah Ah!


Hello Black Oceanographers,

As Carrie wades her way through the phenomenal pool of submissions we received during our annual open reading period, my thoughts have returned again to VIDA’s count. Toward that end, I did a little research and threw together some statistics that I wanted to share.

In this year’s submission pool of 495 manuscripts, 67% came from men and 33% came from women. This is a fairly consistent breakdown with previous years.

Our catalog of current and past titles breaks down roughly along the same percentages:

  • 15 titles by men / 7 titles by women
  • 11 male authors / 5 female authors

In 2013 we will be releasing 3 books by men, and 3 books by women.

It might also be interesting to note that according to Facebook, followers of our page are almost 50/50 when it comes to gender: 52.1% women and 45.5% men.

Lastly, in this context it might also be interesting to note that our fantastic editorial staff (incl. Handsome) consists of 5 women and only 1 man—and 2 more female interns.

I haven’t drawn any conclusions with these numbers, or compared them to other indie presses. I simply wanted to share this info for the sake of transparency and to add to the ongoing public dialogue, which I think is an important one. If anyone would like to provide an analysis in the comments below, I’d be interested in reading it!