More Interview Goodness!

The newest issue of Boston University's literary journal, Clarion #14, has two short, fun interview in it:

The first is an interview with local poet Ben Mazer, who has two new books out with Dark Sky Book and The Pen & Anvil Press (look for reviews on this blog coming soon). Ben is a great poet and I find there's no such thing as "small talk" with him. Please take a few minutes to check him out.

The second is an interview with yours truly, in which I discuss death, poetry, the death of poetry, altered states, and hitting people in the face.

If you order the print version of the journal, you'll also be treated to creative work by: William Doreski, Janet Butlerm, Alan King, Franz Baskett, Peter Schwartz, Marie Gauthier, Irene Koronas, Zachary Bos, Jenna Dee, Graham Hillard, Jasmine Bailey, Sharron Singleton, Daniel Hudon, J. A. Tyler, Joseph Goosey, Sergio Ortiz, Joseph Dorazio, KJ Hays, Jenny Grassl, Adam Tavel, Samuel Lovett, Erik T. Johnson, Sean Campbell, and Nora Delaney.