Smooth Sailing on the Open Black Ocean

Today is the beginning of our annual open reading period. We've made the move to handling all submissions electronically, through the online submissions manager, Submishmash. We have stayed committed to not charging any reading fees and in exchange we remain optimistic that, as someone who believes in our press enough to trust us with your work, you will in turn support us.

As an independent press with no institutional affiliations or reading fees, it is not an understatement to say that book sales today directly affect how many manuscripts we can afford to acquire for future publication. So as you prepare and send in your work, please consider ordering a 2012 subscription. Our goal is to receive 150 new subscriptions by 7/1, which marks the end of this year's open reading period. But we can't meet that goal without you!

With more titles coming out in 2012 than any previous year, Black Ocean is moving in to a new phase of growth and sustainability. Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, and recommended our books to others! Additionally, thank you to everyone who has sent us their work, and continues to do so! Without you, we'd probably be in jail ... or famous ... or both. Just go to our submissions page and click on the link to get started submitting for this year!

In Love & Gratitude,

The Black Ocean Crew