2014 Open Reading Results

Dear Black Oceanographers,

After a few months of reviewing over 500 manuscripts we were able to select our new acquisitions. It was a long and difficult process and, as in years past, we are grateful for the opportunity to consider so many outstanding manuscripts. That said, we've decided to add these three titles to our forthcoming catalog:

STATIC & SNOW by Brian Henry (Fall 2015)
POPULAR MUSIC by Kelly Schirmann (Spring 2016)
THOUGH WE BLED METICULOUSLY by Josh Fomon (Spring 2016)

We're really excited to see all of these come into print! Please join us in congratulating the poets and welcoming them into the family!


We would also like to note a few honorable mentions that were extraordinarily hard to pass up:

COW OF SLEEP by Patrick Culliton
AMERICAN FLOWERS by Tyler Flynn Dorholt
DISCOUNTRY by Sean Patrick Hill
TONEWOOD by Karen Lepri
NO FATE by Thera Webb