Fossils in the Making


Fossils in the Making


by Kristin George Bagdanov
Softcover / 112 p. / Poetry
ISBN: 978-1-939568-28-1

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In her debut collection, Kristin George Bagdanov offers a collection of poems that want to be bodies and bodies that want to be poems. This desire is never fulfilled, and the gap between language and world worries and shapes each poem.  Fossils in the Making presents poems as feedback loops, wagers, and proofs that register and reflect upon the nature of ecological crisis. They are always in the making and never made. Together these poems echo word and world, becoming and being. This book ushers forward a powerful and engaged new voice dedicated to unraveling the logic of poetry as an act of making in a world that is being unmade.

Fossils in the Making has everything readers want from literature: originality, profound subjects, depth of intellect and emotion. In her first book, she testifies to the largest concerns—mortality, appetite, embodiment, love, time—with devastating eloquence, and in doing so, encounters the great mystery that is existence—and poetry.
— Alice Fulton
A gorgeous poetry made of a brilliantly shattering intelligence: that of the poet, yes, but of the world as we find it at this moment, shatteringly betrayed by our technologies.
— Bin Ramke
Drawing from sources as diverse as Donne, Herbert, and the chemistries of cultural and molecular antibodies, these poems contemplate a world ‘unmade in our image’ with a lyric urgency that is both spiritual and environmental.
— Evelyn Reilly