The Self Unstable

by Elisa Gabbert
Paperback / 96p. / Lyric Essay
ISBN 978-0-9844752-9-2

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Elisa Gabbert is the author of The French Exit, a collection of poetry, and, with Kathleen Rooney, co-author of That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness, a collection of collaborative poems. In addition to poetry, she writes about search engines, perfume, and other dangerous ideas. She is a founding member of Denver Poets' Theater and blogs at


Gabbert strikes a perfect balance between heart and head, between cleverness and earnestness, between language that demonstrates its own fallibility and language that is surprisingly, perfectly precise.

—Make Magazine

. . . smart and philosophically dexterous, capable of showing the self to be a fetish-object of its own and also a refractive subject of Lacanian devotion, as a mirror which doesn’t so much distort as endlessly ‘reveal,’ like the panopticon eye of a camera.

—The Rumpus

. . . the dispassion about the self allows the writer to enact a number of equally lovely sleights of hand . . . Even while the author is drawn to image and reason, she is also in love with the vanishing point, where all perspective is ecstatically compressed into a single node.

—Gently Read Literature