by Sadie Dupuis
Softcover / 88 p. / Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-9987362-8-0

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Sadie Dupuis is a poet and a multi-instrumentalist. She is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist for the band Speedy Ortiz. In November 2016 she released a solo album, *Slugger, under the name Sad13.


This is a book that hits you in your heart and third eye at the same time, thank god. Sadie is beyond talented.

—Melissa Broder

Mouthguard comforts you, then throws you into a lake, leaving you laughing and shivering at the same time.

—Mira Gonzalez

This is a book where magical poems drive us with a holy momentum towards a lonely road where on the side of it we can find a party of accidents that we are all invited to.

—Dorothea Lasky