Static & Snow
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by Brian Henry
Softcover / 104 p. / Poetry
ISBN: 978-1-939568-12-0


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Brian Henry is the author of ten previous books of poetry, including Astronaut, Quarantine, and Lessness. Co-editor of Verse since 1995, he has translated four books by the Slovenian poets Tomaž Šalamun, Aleš Debeljak, and Aleš Šteger. His poetry and translations have received numerous honors, including the Best Translated Book Award, the Alice Fay di Castagnola.


Brian Henry ... entices the reader into the hidden crevices and empty spaces of daily existence

Paris Review 

He “offers a powerful re-calibration of the senses, shifting our attention beneath the surfaces and skins of things."

—Publishers Weekly

His “work is rangy in dynamic and form, [his] poems unsentimental and crisp, pensive and rounded.”

—The Literary Review

What impresses the most is the fact that Brian Henry is still experimenting and growing and there is a genuine excitement preceding each new book. As he has proven so far, there is little in language or subject matter that cannot find its way into the poetic idiom.