Though We Bled Meticulously

by Josh Fomon
Softcover / 120 p. / Poetry
ISBN: 978-1-939568-1-68

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Originally from Iowa City, Josh Fomon lives in Seattle. His poems appear in alice blue review, Caketrain, Deluge, Dreginald, Handsome, jubilat, pallaksch. pallaksch., Yalobusha Review, and others.


Fomon’s brilliant collection of poems Though We Bled Meticulously reminds us ‘to have faith in the dark’ as it inches towards a lyric center full of urgencies and limber language. These poems, ‘overspilt with ink,’ are lush and clairvoyant. They are a true force full of spirited language and agile witnessing.

—Prageeta Sharma

How does one survey the simultaneous dangers that may reside in a thing precisely because it consoles? How do we survive/ a scrutiny a vigilance of the incommunicable? the bombs buried there? Fomon knows how to do it and so we have this book to take us oscillating through different kinds of worldly and unworldly hope. The whole book is a beautiful scrutiny and one of its findings is that you’re right there with it, an infinity together/ one whole precipice where so much can happen and so it does.

—Peter Richards