Pink Thunder


Pink Thunder


by Michael Zapruder
Hardcover / 64 p. / Poetry & Music
ISBN: 978-0-9844752-6-1


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With contributions from 23 poets, 3 engineers, and over 30 musicians, Pink Thunder presents a musical and lyrical experiment by award-winning songwriter / composer Michael Zapruder, to see what happens when poems are sung instead of spoken. Potent with weird, funny, and singular possibilities,Pink Thunder's playful and startling songs take their form entirely from the shape of the poems from which they are made. The result is a collection of musical readings both compelling and surprising. You are invited to listen.

This full-color hardcover book contains an artist's statement by Michael Zapruder with an introduction by Scott Pinkmountain, and comes with a CD containing 22 tracks. The book also features photographs from the recording sessions and the Wave Poetry Bus Tour and hand-lettered versions of the poems illuminated by Arrington de Dionyso.


Contributing Poets


Joshua Beckman
David Berman
Carrie St. George Comer
Gillian Conoley
Bob Hicok
Noelle Kocot
Dorothea Lasky
Brett Fletcher Lauer
Anthony McCann
Valzhyna Mort
Hoa Nguyen
Sierra Nelson
Tyehimba Jess
Travis Nichols
D.A. Powell
Matthew Rohrer
Mary Ruefle
James Tate
Joe Wenderoth
Dara Weir
Matthew Zapruder