MICRO-REVIEW MONDAYS: A New Black Ocean Feature

Case of the Monday's? We've got just the thing. Two micro-reviews EVERY Monday to get your week started off right. High in fiber, low in sugar (and words, for that matter), these micro-reviews are clinically proven to help lower bad cholesterol. Mom's love them because they're healthy; kids love them because they're friggin' delicious.

Check out today's first installment:


Coeur de Lion
Ariana Reines
mal-o-mar, 2008

Ariana Reines’ Coeur de Lion is many things—hip, pretentious, a bit self-conscious, maybe even a little affected; and, with its references to gmail, MP3s, jpgs and YouTube, contemporary with a capital C. At the same time, it’s vulnerable, sincere, tender, ironic, angry, sexual and sad. In a word, it’s great. Utterly human in its emotional and intellectual complexity. [Justin Marks]


Chris Vitiello
Ahsahta Press, 2008

Chris Vitiello’s Irresponsibility is an Ammons-esque snowball of ethos. Propelled by one of the most trustable voices I’ve come across, Irresponsibility incorporates philosophy, grammar, domesticity, nature, mathematics—whatever’s in its path—often into the same poem: “Interruption is interaction // Iris says ‘All I can see is this’ / and points / As close as things need to be to be / seen as consecutive.” This book is both intelligent and down to earth, self-aware and sensibly happy. A rarity. [Chris Tonelli]


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