Microreview Monday

The Essential Numbers 1991 – 2008

Gordon Massman
Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2009

 Gordon Massman will “die for a cause.” He is the “King of rodents roaches and duikers.” Massman is “God and me, I punch, you fucker.” Gordon is “In the penis colony,” he is a “testimony of the best pig in the sty.” Gordon Massman is a “Vulgar poet, disgusting egotist, porn purveyor, fixator / on genitals,” and his Numbers are absolutely essential. Massman’s poems burn like pure grain in the mouth and nonetheless “It is unimportant to me whether anyone reads these poems . . . I have noticed the world is full of cowards.” Read, you pithy coward—read. [Auguster P. Hideousness]