25 Days of Literary Love: Day 1

December is here and Black Ocean authors and staff have searched the murky lairs of sea monsters and beyond (or maybe just our bookshelves) to bring you some book recommendations in time for the holidays. Support your favorite indie presses this holiday season and give a gift that bites back. During the month of December, we will be bringing you our own version of holiday cheer. Be sure to check back frequently, because we will be posting new recommendations every day. Be sure to tell your friends and post your own recommendations in the comments section!

To start, we’re skipping the partridge in a pear tree and kicking it off with the first of three french hens from A. Minetta Gould, our very own Associate Editor. Minetta is offering a “Fence Books Triple-Header.” But you’ll only get one today, so check back tomorrow for the second in this series.

A. Minetta Gould recommends Martin Corless-Smith's English Fragments: A Brief History of the Soul (Fence).
Corless-Smith is the what's what of Poets (that's right, capital P on that Poet) working in English today. If you think you can write poems before experiencing Corless-Smith's thriving lyric first you're wrong: you can't. You may not be able to afterward either. Be warned.
Coming soon: recommendations from Rauan Klassnik and Joe Hall.
Which books do you recommend?