Dear Black Oceanographers,

Much like reading, voting is fundamental. Here's some information on voting tomorrow that you can use, and forward to anyone else whom you think could use it--especially helpful for people in swing states (who may face severe voter intimidation) and people in Sandy-stricken states.

Here is information on how to find your polling place, when it's open and what kind of ID you will need. You can also refresh your knowledge of your local candidates:

Here, from Election Protection, is a list of polling place changes due to Hurricane Sandy:

If there is a problem with voter intimidation at your polling place, you can and should call Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report the problem and get suggestions for action. 

Bring your camera and/or your phone, because you can also document voter intimidation (of you or someone else) directly and send it to: 

Here is the ACLU's state-by-state guide to voting rights:

Don't forget to vote on your states' ballot measures as well: