Microreview Monday!

Glory Hole/The Hot Tub

Dan Hoy & Jon Leon
Mal-o-Mar Editions, 2009

Glory Hole/The Hot Tub, by Dan Hoy and Jon Leon is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The narrator of Glory Hole “heart[s] synthetics / of all kinds,” “tell[s] the sky / to suck the fat one“, and “drive[s] like an asshole because it’s the truth.” The Hot Tub is a collection of prose poems about “How we are decaying as we party hard.” Poetry has made the narrator so rich and famous “helicopters buzz above my head and paparazzi disappear among telephone poles” as he rides his bicycle in Versace pajamas, drinks, does copious amounts of drugs and has lots of sex.

Kind of ridiculous. Totally brilliant. [Justin Marks]