Literary Love: Day 8

We've spent a week bringing you the best book reccomendations in cyber space, and for the next few days, we'll share what Black Oceanographers are up to on other presses. But as we trudge through December, we can't help but think of the new year and all the books that are yet to be. Here at Black Ocean, Destroyer of Man by Dominic Mallary, The Girl Without Arms  by Brandon Shimoda, and Ordinary Sun by Matthew Henrikson are all forthcoming. But there are plenty of other great presses out there with books just waiting to get born. We want to know: what books are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments and we may feature your suggestions in a future blog post.
Newly off of the forthcoming list, my holiday recommendation for you, dear blog readers, is a book I'm about to give myself. I can't wait to read it because I’m certain Ada Limón’s Sharks In the Rivers (Milkweed Editions) will warm the cockles of the heart. Ada’s poems will make you shamelessly tingly inside--they filter sun & sadness & awareness & life's grit and let them warm your arms in patterns both familiar and stunning, leave marks barely visible to the eye that seep into your guts and simmer. From my wish list to yours.