Best Scary Poetry + Free Books!

We've got some good news that we'd like to share, and free books we'd like to give away! Out in the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest, Zachary Schombrug's second book, Scary, No Scary, has been nominated in Best Book of Poetry in the 2010 Oregon Book Awards. Now, ever since the Huffington Post picked it as one of the Top Nine Indie Books of 2009 we new we had a winner on our hands--but it's nice to have Zach recognized on his home turf.

So, to celebrate we're going to be giving away a free book to anyone who purchases a copy of the book in its limited edition hardcover. If you didn't know, there is a very special foil-stamped hardcover publication of Scary, No Scary in a limited run of two hundred editions, signed and numbered by Schomburg himself. The textless dust jacket also features different artwork from the softcover version. Each copy comes with a fine letter pressed miniature broadside as well, courtesy of Brave Men Press, containing the title poem from the book. There are less than 40 copies left!

Beginning Monday, February 14th each order will come with another one of our titles for free. Each day offers a different title, so check the schedule below:

Monday: Holy Land by Rauan Klassnik
Tuesday: Scape by Joshua Harmon
Wednesday: Upon Arrival by Paula Cisewski
Thursday: Objects for a Fog Death by Julie Doxsee
Friday: Pigafetta Is My Wife by Joe Hall

Just go to our catalog to order your copy and we'll automatically include that day's free title. And as always: free shipping! You can thank us by checking out the Reader's Choice poll going at at The Oregonian, and voting for Scary, No Scary as your favorite finalist. It takes 30 seconds and it would make Zach feel loved, a lot.