With Deer: Best Contemporary Poetry

Seth Abramson is running a monthly feature on Huffington Post of what he deems some of the best contemporary poetry, "to honor the unquantifiable diversity of the poetries now in evidence in the United States, without special preference for or dependence upon any one iteration or any one year of publication."

This month, Aase Berg's With Deer makes the list. Here's an excerpt from the write-up:

Berg's words are alive with the transformative processes of the organic: deterioration, deracination, alienation, compulsion. This stomach-churning work is not for the faint of heart; yet the faint of heart probably shouldn't be reading the best contemporary verse has to offer, anyway. Certainly not verse whose epic horrors are so deviously vivid, so preternaturally aware of the darknesses in lit places, and so visceral -- literally and figuratively -- that they cannot help but haunt their readers for many months after the collection has been read and put aside.

Check out the full article here.

What would you include on your list?