Swamp Isthmus Reviewed

Colorado Review and Cutbank both reviewed Swamp Isthmus Recently.

On the Colorado Review, Virginia Konchan writes:

Wilkinson is one of the foremost pioneers in documentary (and erasure) poetics, which scripts postmodern cartographic texts occupied with the burden and joy, post-war, of sifting through psychic curios and actual remains in search of lyric presence...

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On Cutbank Online, Caitlin Cowan begins:

You might call Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s latest book “minimalist.” But you would be wrong. The slim volume and its trim, precise, untitled poems certainly take up little real estate, but the lines contained therein shine and shatter in unexpected, exhilarating ways. A kaleidoscope of figures that are by turns menacing and elegant, Swamp Isthmus investigates chilly panoramas of longing in a way that urges us to question both who we are and who is on our side.

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Did you know Swamp Isthmus made Coldfront's Top 40 Poetry Books of 2014? Get your copy here.