Let's Make Black Friday Count

In the interest of taking meaningful action after the Ferguson ruling, I would love it if everyone used their resources to affect social change in some way this week. Whether you take time with your loved ones to discuss the socio-political climate or take to the streets in protest, everyone has their own way of meditating on what justice and oppression really mean to us--and how we can collectively realize equality and consciousness. Toward that end, I would advocate for not buying anything this Black Friday, and instead donating that money (perhaps in someone's name as a gift) to an organization that works towards equality and justice. However, I also realize that many people want to give tangible gifts so I'm making this offer:

On Black Friday Black Ocean will donate the net proceeds from any purchases made through our website to the NAACP. If you'd rather donate to a different cause, then by all means just do so directly. This is the organization we've chosen to support this year, and moving forward we will donate all Black Friday net proceeds every year to a non-profit organization.

With much love,
Janaka Stucky