Dark Matter


Dark Matter


by Aase Berg 
translated by Johannes Göransson
Paperback / 188p. / Poetry
ISBN 978-0-9844752-8-5


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Berg’s hallucinatory, post-cataclysmic epic takes place in an unremitting future-past. The bodies mutate and hybridize. They are erotic and artificial, art and adrenaline. Available for the first time in English as a complete collection, the poems of this contemporary Swedish classic contaminate as they become contaminated—drawing on and altering source texts that range from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to string theory. Calling on fables, science, the pastoral, and the body, Dark Matter  aggravates their perception while exhausting poetry down to its nerve: “a faint spasm of cheers before this, the nervous system’s last chance to communicate with the dying I.” The result: a monstrous zone of linguistic and bodily interpenetration, cell death, and radiant permutations.













Ocular Viscosity


Optical illusions crawl.
Where can one go from here? 
Follow the scream in the animal along the water.
Follow the scream of the ocular animal.
To sink inwards through this heavy halo.